Find Love in Everything

FLIE stands for Find Love In Everything. Like our namesake, we want you to find love in every piece of accessory you own. Founded by Samone Bradford, FLIE serves to remind you that quality items shouldn’t be defined by their price tags.

We strive to achieve perfection in every stage of the manufacturing process.

Excellency and Creativity in Craftsmanship

The heart of FLIE resides in a rich combination of vibrant, loud colors, intricate design elements, and creative thoughts, which are tied together by mindful craftsmanship. We never stray from our identity and ethics, and that’s what effortlessly establishes us apart from the crowd.

Each bag is unique and has a different story to tell through color, shape, and details. Our luxury travel bags are perfect for everyday use as well as travel. All design and production stages are connected to ensure that the result can portray the soul and spirit we stand for.


Hailing from Senatobia, Mississippi, life was so much more than a rat race for Samone. It was never just about riding the waves or keeping up with the trends. Real trendsetters know what works for them and radiate different energies.

Samone always knew the entrepreneurial blood coursed through his veins; it just took a while for those instincts to kick in. Samone decided to start FLIE to celebrate beauty and individualism at a reasonable price.


The bags are made from genuine leather and feature a polyester lining. All unisex, every bag proudly bears the mark of the person who crafted it. Our goal is to incorporate style and sophistication in each product and natural variation in color forms and textures.

Every season, we want to deliver innovative techniques and fabrication that capture the essence of our dedication to craftsmanship and quality with our signature bold, eye-catching chic element.